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Green Day Kerplunk Cassette (lookout’s)
Signed by Billie Joe, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool (inside the bookmobile)


Green Day Kerplunk Cassette (lookout’s)

Signed by Billie Joe, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool (inside the bookmobile)


it’s both strange and amazing to see how a fictional character (or more) can help you and be your support through a bunch of bullshit in life.

sure they’re just fictional people, but that attachment you have sure isn’t. even if it’s just a teeny little pick-me-up to make you smile or laugh, it’s worth remembering that they left that impact on you.

Femslash Can Save the World If We Let It


—Kate from Autostraddle advocates for more ladies loving ladies in fanfiction


reblog if ur first crush was a disappointing straight person undeserving of ur glorious queer attention

I don’t think I’ve told this story to tumblr yet so. Here’s a thing. My first real crush was in 6th grade. She was in my class group thing so we spend pretty much all of 6th grade together and I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I say I did not say one single word to her. Ever.

We sat across the table from each other during art the entire year. Not a damn word.

I haven’t really gotten much better at handling pretty girls since then.

MCU Civil War Script





Senator: Superheroes have to register their secret identities!
Natasha: There’s six of us. Rogers has a Smithsonian exhibit on him, Stark won’t stop telling the world he’s Iron Man, and for the rest of us, I dumped all of SHIELD’s files on the internet.
Senator: Oh. Right.

Natasha: Oh…and Thor is Thor.  That’s his real name.  Even if it wasn’t, he might have diplomatic immunity to the Registration Act since his “secret identity” is the crown prince of an alien civilization.

Senator: I get it, I get it.


(Enter the Senator’s office)
Senator: Well, that was a disaster.
Voice: You think?
Senator: Who is th- Nick Fury?
Nick Fury: I’m here to talk to you about the “Stop Wasting Everyone’s Fucking Time” Initiative.


Tony: A further point of clarification, Senator! There are, in fact, EIGHT superheroes in the world. You’ve completely forgotten about James Rhodes aka War Machine Iron Patriot and Sam Wilson aka Falcon! Which is pretty hilarious considering you have these guys already “registered” with the U.S. Air Force and Army.

Tony: If their service records don’t jog your memory, here — (thrusts a War Machine t-shirt at the Senator) — Stark Industries is launching a kids clothing line designed around Rhodey’s gorgeous face.