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1. WOO THANK YOU! 2. WAS THAT MY BABY FELICITY LAYING ALL BEAT UP?! HOW BOUT NO! 3. Would you mind if I asked your feelings about Smoaking Canary? I know 98% of the fandom ships Olicity but like. Sara is also my baby so.

Oh goodness, I love the idea of Felicity and Sara as a couple. Sara training Felicity in defending herself, ending up in compromising positions, you know the whole, "You need to position your hips like this, to get the best force behind your punch."Plus, the two of them trading their clothes, whether accidental after a quick tryst in the lair, or intentionally where Sara wears one of Felicity’s bright dresses and Felicity in Sara’s leather jacket. So yes, I love that ship. :D Sara and Felicity are just a lovely people and they could probably date anyone in the series and I’d be down.

Felicity in Sara’s leather jacket would prooooobably kill me it’d be so hot. Which, obviously, now it needs to happen. 


Fan gifts given to orphanblack's Tatiana Maslany at the #SDCC Orphan Black panel. (x)

#she said this was better than getting an emmy :’)


Fan gifts given to orphanblack's Tatiana Maslany at the #SDCC Orphan Black panel. (x)

#she said this was better than getting an emmy :’)

[Tatiana] is also really fascinated with Beth. Will we ever see a Beth flashback? “Nothing is off the table,” says Manson. Fawcett says the writers have talked about Beth’s story since the beginning of the show, and they’re both fascinated by it. “At some point,” he says, “there is a definite chance that we may see that.” Manson suggests there’s a “twist” to Beth’s story that he looks forward to showing.

Orphan Black SDCC ‘14 Liveblog (x)

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The Last Of Us movie is officially happening and I’m upset about it. There is no way in hell it will be even close to the game experience. Almost everyone I know who’s played it, agrees it’s not even dramatic exaggeration to say the game is life changing for a gamer. Never has a game been THAT emotional. I know I never cared about a story and the character’s as much as playing that game because I was so immersed. That doesn’t happen the same way with films. Yes you get engrossed in films too but you aren’t the one controlling those characters you care so much about. It’s just different and I just. Gah. It’s not gonna be as good, if it’s good at all. Look at all the game>film adaptions so far! Resident Evil I love but even that wasn’t a good adaptation! There has never been a good game to film adapt BECAUSE IT JUST DOESN’T WORK. 

Urg. Maybe. MAYBE. If they some how convince Ellen Page to play Ellie, Dylan McDurmont or whatever his name is to play Joel, and the same writers who worked on the game to work on the movie script….THAT is the only way I can see it being pulled off even a little bit. 

I just think that we’re at a point where television is extremely exciting. I just feel really lucky to be at this point in television history making a show like this, and in the company of shows like that. The Emmys is lovely and wonderful, but to me it’s more about hearing the response from the fans… Being in this room — that’s why we do it.

Tatiana Maslany on her Emmy Snub, at SDCC 2014 (via cosimathedork)

Some highlights from the Comic Con panel


Druckmann says several studios approached him and developer Naughty Dog, and their initial reaction was to say no.  But they agreed to take a meeting with Raimi, and talk about the property, and then spoke with Screen Gems. And Druckmann and his team at Naughty Dog agreed to work with Screem Gems because the studio says Druckmann and Naughty Dog can write the screenplay and have final say on the cut, director, and casting.

The elements of the “Left Behind” DLC could be pulled into the story, “but I don’t want to say more than that,” says Druckmann.

When it comes to putting in Bruce Campbell, Raimi says he will see if Druckmann and the director have a part for the fan-favorite actor. (I love Bruce Campbell so I hope he does get a little cameo or something lol)

Druckmann is excited to bring in the truck ambush, but he’s also eager to give it a different flow when it comes to connecting set pieces.

They feel that there still hasn’t been a truly great film adaptation of a video game, and they feel that they have that opportunity by using The Last of Us as the source material.