Heyooo. My name's Jes. I'm a recent Emerson grad, currently trying to get my shit together. Talk to me about Orphan Black, Neil Gaiman, and all things Horror/SciFi and we'll be good friends.
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agents of shield meme: four characters [3/4]: agent skye

with great power comes…a ton of weird crap you’re not ready to deal with.


Day 6 - Oogie Boogie felt tip pen, white, green, & red colored pencil. toned paper


Day 6 - Oogie Boogie 
felt tip pen, white, green, & red colored pencil. toned paper

Did two things I was dreading today. Scheduled my wisdom teeth to be taken out Monday finally and applied to Market Basket because I literally do not know what else to do.


Zombies for Gender Equality by YoureDamnAwk

HEY! So me and my friend Heather over at fakeyououtfakemeout are starting a vlog and we haven’t put out a video yet but we will soon! We would really appreciate it if you subscribed to our channel early so we know at least a few people will be there to see our first episode and give us some creative and constructive criticism.  

Check it out here (still being worked on as we speak, we know it’s empty rightnow):https://www.youtube.com/user/youredamnawkward

If you gotta force it, just leave it alone. Relationships, friendships, ponytails.. Just leave it.

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Twist the bones and bend the back
Trim him of his baby fat
Give him fur black as black

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